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    For the most optimal wound healing your pet shouldn't lick the wound and/or the stitches. In case your pet licks the wound we advice a collar or Medical Pet shirt. You can get these at an extra charge, collars cost 8,- to €18,- and €37,- for a large dog, a Medical Pet Shirt costs €33,- tot €39,-. What do you prefer?
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    For older dogs, cats and rabbits we recommend to do a preanaesthetic blood test. Additional costs are €143,05 (instead of the normal €168,05) and for older dog €194,50
    (instead of €219,50) and older cats €223,35 (instead of €248,35). Would you like us to run the blood test? The check provides us with extra information about your pets health: kidneys, glucose, liver and inflammation values. If we find any abnormalities, we'll be be able to adjust the anaesthesia to make sure your pet gets the safest treatment. A bloodcheck is also recommended if your pet is sick or looses weight unintentionally.
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    About the surgery

    What's the date of the procedure? Remember dogs and cats shouldn't at least 12 hours before the surgery. Drinking water is allowed. Rabbits and rodents should keep on eating and drinking up until the surgery.

    Do you know about the risks of the procedure? No anesthesia is without risk. We'll do our best to choose the safest way of anesthesia. When in doubt about your animals health, please let us know.
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    Do you know the costs of the procedure? Standard prices are shonwn on our website For prices of other procedures, please contact the clinic.

    Would you like to have your pet microchipped during the procedure? The additional costs are €58,20.

    The operating room is visible from our entrance. We can close it to prevent visitors from watching the surgery. Do you want it closed or open?
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    With our webcam service you can watch your pet in recovery (not during surgery). Do you want your pet on the webcam - if available?
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    Please understand that in case of a no show for the procedure costs will be charged.